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The POPS brand of flavored Soda’s is one of the most established products on the company portfolio. Before Frezco Beverages took control of the product in 1999, it was already a familiar, and very popular drinks brand but under the new ownership of Altaaf Jamal, the range has continued to evolve and develop helping to make POPS a household name. POPS Soda is still made by using the original recipe as a basis for its continued success, with only 100% natural Cane Sugar used throughout the entire range of drinks.  


Pops Kola

 A traditionally branded cola drink, POPS Kola has an instantly recognisable taste which puts it far ahead of other Colas. This drink is preferred time and time again by POPS customers and is a firm favorite with all family members, young or old. It’s distinctive, yet original flavor is one which provides the ultimate in thirst quenching satisfaction. A more discerning Cola for a more discerning drinker. 

Pops Lime

  Like all POPS Soda’s, Lime is based on the traditional POPS recipe and uses only 100% natural Cane Sugar. The Lime flavor proves time and time again to be one of the best-selling Soda’s and has a subtle yet zingy aftertaste which is bursting with Citrus overtones and ultimately, totally refreshing and always a preferred favorite. 

Pops Lemonade

  Lemonade has always been a favorite drink for quenching a thirst, and POPS Lemonade certainly doesn’t disappoint. Unlike it’s bland competition, POPS Lemonade is both revitalizing and energizing, yet traditional and satisfying, whether by itself or as a mixer, it bursts with both strong Lemon flavor and a vitality which gives timeless appeal.  

Pops Orange

Always a firm favorite with both younger children and adults alike, POPS Orange is an uplifting, tangy and firmly Orange flavored drink, with a mouth-watering fizzy flavor which is literally bursting with a tasty magnetism that always leaves you wanting more. 

Pops Pineapple

The sweet and succulent taste of the pineapple is instantly familiar when you first try POPS Pineapple Soda. The taste is both smooth and familiar, giving the drinker a thoroughly cool, enjoyable and satisfying Soda with a charm and distinction all of its own. 

Pops Raspberry

Not always a natural choice for a Soda but POPS Raspberry has constantly proved to be a best seller. An enticing and appealing drink, it is immediately recognisable with its distinctive taste of ripe raspberries and it gives an instant hit of happiness, enlivening and refreshing, often reminding you of long, hazy summer days. 

Pops Blue Heaven

Defiantly one of the more trendy flavors in the POPS range, Blue Heaven is an up-to-the-minute drink, with a energy and vitality that could only be found in a POPS Soda. Blue Heaven is a tasting experience to savour, a popular thirst quencher that is both satisfying yet delightfully different with a unique appeal that just makes you want more…. 

Pops Creaming Soda

You would be hard pushed to find a more traditional drink than POPS Creaming Soda, as Cream Soda is one of the oldest and most instantly recognisable flavors throughout the world. POPS have just taken this time honored Soda and added their own brand of taste and refinement, turning it into a truly delectable and enjoyable drink which is perfect for any occasion. 

Pops Lemon Mist

There are many words to describe POPS Lemon Mist flavor but the most popular is always `fresh’. Lemon Mist is a true Citrus drink, full of zest and appeal, light and clean, yet original and very, very refreshing on the palette. Lemon Mist is the preference for the discerning drinker, the fresh drink with unlimited taste and allure. 

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