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Frezco Beverages is located in the pristine tropical island paradise of Fiji in the South Pacific. It's the Parent Company to the very successful and well known brands of Aqua Pacific®, Enjoy Pops® Sodas, and Fijian Noni®. The company was formed in 1999, and now sells its products all over the world.


enjoy pops

Enjoy Pops® Soda is still made by using the original recipe as a basis for its continued success, with only 100% natural cane sugar used throughout the entire range of drinks. Frezco Beverages now offering the customer no less than nine different flavors to entice and tantalize the taste buds. 

POPs soda

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fijian noni

Fijian Noni® Juice is made by sourcing only quality fruits which are handpicked from the wild forests of Viti Levu, Fiji and cultivated meticulously by local farmers. It is thanks to these pure, untainted conditions that Noni Juice retains its remarkable health benefits which extend throughout all of the Fijian Noni® product line. 


aqua pacific

Aqua Pacific® Natural Mineral Water begins its journey as precipitation in the remote mountains and hillsides of Nadi Highlands. Over several centuries the water filters through miles of prehistoric volcanic filters eventually accumulating in an underground "aquifer". 

nature's gift

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Until recently, the smooth, cool and refreshing taste of Aqua Pacific® Natural Mineral Water has only been available to the consumer off the shelf in various sized PET bottles, however thanks to the constantly changing and innovative approach of Frezco Beverages, we are proud to be able to introduce to you — Aqua Pacific® Water Dispensers. Perfect for office and home use. 

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